Progressive Movement News / August 5, 2016

Racist Voter ID Laws Just Suffered a Series of Crushing Blows

In North Carolina last month, a lawsuit brought by Advancement Project, among others, has resulted in a federal court striking down parts of the state’s voting law, finding discriminatory intent. The same day, a federal judge ruled that Wisconsin voters who lack ID may vote anyway, by signing an affidavit at the polling place. In Texas the next day, one of the most conservative federal courts blocked that state’s discriminatory voter ID requirements as well. And finally, just last week, a federal judge ruled the same way against a North Dakota law. Any one of these would be a huge victory for Advancement Project, America Votes, the Brennan Center, Demos, State Voices and other DA-recommended groups working to fight a wave of racist voter ID laws. Taken together, it’s nothing short of seismic.