About the DA

The Democracy Alliance, founded in 2005, is the largest network of donors dedicated to building the progressive movement in the United States. We play a leading role in fostering the infrastructure necessary to advance a progressive agenda for America. We invest in every aspect of progressive power-building—from policy making to organizing grassroots communities to winning state and national issue and electoral campaigns. We address the most pressing challenges of our day through investments in three connected areas: a just democracy, a fair economy and an environmentally sustainable future.

For nearly 15 years, the Democracy Alliance has helped to raise significant resources to promote progressive ideas, impact media coverage, develop new leadership, create sophisticated civic engagement strategies, and engage young people and communities of color. In our collaborative giving strategy, an informed and engaged body of donors comes together to aggregate resources for focused investment, for which we have marshaled as much as $80 million per year.

Our collective giving is grounded in a shared set of values, namely that we work to build and support a fair democracy, an inclusive economy, a safe and sustainable planet, and an equitable and just nation.

At a time when nearly every democratic institution of our country and collective values as a nation are under attack by an administration fueled by negligence, false truths, and ego, the need for a more powerful and cohesive progressive community has never been greater. The fair and just country and vibrant and equal communities we seek to build is a clear deviation from the regressive policies and ideas supported by conservative political leaders that lead us to this juncture.

Building on our record of success in helping progressive organizations grow and connect, our current investment strategy sustains support to critical national “infrastructure” and deepens our reach into the states. Through our State POWER Funds, we seek to strengthen and sustain state-level grassroots organizing and elevate the leadership and capacity of communities in the New American Majority—particularly people of color, LGBTQ individuals, women, and millennials. When these efforts are well-resourced and coordinated, year-in and year-out, progressives win. 

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