About the DA

The fight of our lives will be won together.

Decades of struggle, defiance, and determination make it clear: When progressives work together, we win. Now the stakes have risen dramatically. American democracy itself is under renewed attack from within. Our rights and institutions are being eroded. Authoritarian threats keep rising.

In an existential moment like this one, we  are called to combine our power and leverage our impact on a whole new level. This moment demands radical collaboration, fresh imagination, and durable infrastructure. It calls for bold action to push back on the threats of right now, and strategic vision to seed long-term investments to create new possibilities 25 years from now. All at the same time.

This is the work of the Democracy Alliance. We’ve been building for this moment for almost two decades. Founded in 2005, today we serve as the country’s preeminent network of individual political philanthropists, labor unions, and foundations coming together to support catalytic initiatives that win elections, advance progressive policy reforms, and build power across our states.

Together, we’re working not only to save our democracy, but to build it into the just, multiracial, feminist democracy we deserve. The DA’s new 10-year strategic vision is committed to racial, gender, economic, and climate justice, and reaffirms the DA’s critical role as a convener, resource aggregator, and community builder. 

At a pivotal moment in history, the Democracy Alliance offers members a singular opportunity to make a lasting difference.

Our Strategy