At a pivotal moment in history, the Democracy Alliance offers members a singular opportunity to make a lasting difference.

Leverage and reach: We are the only progressive donor community that brings high-net worth individuals, foundations, labor unions, movement leaders, and elected officials together to coordinate, strategize, and win. If the fight of our lives will take all of us, we are setting the table for victory.

Convening and connection: We unlock radical collaboration through two flagship in-person annual convenings and regular virtual briefings. At DA convenings, you connect in person with movement leaders, government leaders, elected officials, union organizers, and other game-changing donors to connect and collaborate. In between, a robust suite of virtual briefings and member listservs power new relationships, strategizing, and collective learning.

Track record of impact: We’ve been growing and experimenting since 2005, building thriving networks and a record of innovation and impact. We’ve stood up core infrastructure and institutions like the Center for American Progress and Media Matters. We’ve launched innovative funds, like the Climate Equity Action Fund and the Strategic Victory Fund, which in 2022 helped win critical governorships across the midwest, with profound impact on democracy. Rooted in these relationships and this record, we’re primed for more wins.

Access to expert staff: Members also have direct access to expert staff who guide them through the best strategic investment decisions, helping them to advance the causes they care about and accelerate the impact of philanthropic giving.

Strategy and vision: We’ve spent the last year doing the work—fielding fresh insights, dreams, and learning from across our community to build a bold vision for what’s needed now, and a generation from now. If the far right is operating on a decades-long plan to subvert our democracy, we will execute a decades-long plan to strengthen it—together.