Strategic Framework

“It’s time to go on offense for our democracy.” 

This was the resounding message from a community-wide conversation led by DA President Pamela Shifman in 2022 about the next chapter of our work. In just a few words, it perfectly encapsulates our strategic framework.

This 10-year vision (2022-2032) is rooted in big picture thinking, illuminating clear priorities and a strong pathway for the road ahead. It builds on the best of the Democracy Alliance’s 17-year history, while laying a runway for us to grow into our biggest and boldest role when our work is needed more than ever before. 

Most of all, this vision is a resounding expression of confidence in our power as a  progressive majority. And it’s a profound reaffirmation of our determination not simply to preserve our democracy, but to build it into the vibrant, just, multiracial  democracy we know it must become. 

Together, we are advancing four strategic priorities.

  • Change the rules that the Right has rigged against our democracy
  • Expand the electoral map to win beyond the current battleground states, so we’re not always one election loss away from catastrophe
  • Support worker power and unions as core building blocks for democracy
  • Invest in people like we want them to win, through power building, radical collaboration, and long-haul commitments–especially youth