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  • Movement News / March 15, 2017

    News Roundup, March 15

    How to fix a broken Electoral College; what the Democratic Party should (and shouldn’t) do next); delving into Trump’s baseless allegations of voter fraud; and sci-fi lessons for movement organizing. How to Make the Electoral College ...

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  • Movement News / December 16, 2016

    News Roundup – Dec. 16

    Inside Philanthropy reports on the progressive donor response to the Trump presidency; Issue One focuses on what it would take to really “drain the swamp”; Economic Policy Institute addresses the consequences of part-time work; and ...

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  • Movement News / December 14, 2016

    ACS Marshals Legal Experts to Lean on Trump

    The American Constitution Society is organizing legal experts to speak out on many of Donald Trump’s unconstitutional campaign promises, extremist cabinet choices, and glaring conflicts of interest. In an open letter published Tuesday, they ...

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  • Movement News / December 14, 2016

    Media Matters’ Next President

    The watchdog group Media Matters for America is entering a “new era,” with plans to bring increasing focus to tracking and exposing sources of “fake news” and far-right conspiracy theories. The shift is accompanied by a changing of the guard, ...

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  • Movement News / December 5, 2016

    News Roundup – Dec. 5

    In the wake of the election, progressive leaders – including the heads of many DA-recommended organizations – answer the question “what next?” Responses cover the electoral college, the looming Medicare fight, refocusing ...

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  • Movement News / December 2, 2016

    ThinkProgress Launches Project Tracking Hate Incidents Since Election Day

    It’s clear to anyone following the news that hate incidents have spiked ever since Donald Trump was elected President – and that many of these acts have been explicitly made in our President-elect’s name. Now, ThinkProgress is documenting it, ...

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  • Movement News / November 22, 2016

    New Media Ventures Announces its Innovation Fund Winners

    The newest round of support for a select group of innovative tech startups was made public just last week. The recipients of funding from New Media Ventures include Buycott, which allows shoppers to scan product barcodes and learn where the ...

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  • Movement News / November 4, 2016

    News Roundup, November 4

    Color of Change’s Rashad Robinson is profiled by Wired Magazine; Mic asks why climate change never came up during the Presidential debates; and more.

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  • Movement News / October 6, 2016

    News Roundup, October 6

    The NEA demonstrates that school bullying is on the rise in sync with Donald Trump’s visibility; Experts give their readout on the use of force by police in communities of color; Sojourners reports on 21st-century Jim Crow; and more.

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  • Movement News / October 3, 2016

    EPI Shows How the Economy Leaves Black Workers Behind

    Today’s Washington Post “Wonkblog” featured the latest Economic Policy Institute research exploring the black-white wage gap. EPI’s insights go beyond what we already know – Black Americans make less than their white ...

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