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  • Movement News / June 21, 2017

    The Youth Vote in the U.K. and Implications for America

    What caused such an astounding youth turnout in Britain earlier this month, and what, if any, implications are there for the U.S.? There are many political uncertainties in America today but this we know for sure: if 70% of young Americans ...

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  • Movement News / June 5, 2017

    With Trump’s Retreat on Climate Pact, Local Leaders and Civil Society are Leading

    Last week, President Trump announced the United States will withdraw from the landmark Paris Climate Accord, an historic international agreement that would hold the world’s nations accountable to reducing carbon pollution and averting the worst ...

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  • Movement News / May 25, 2017

    There’s Nothing Dysfunctional About Single Motherhood

    Mothers have it hard in this country. We pay lip service to support for working moms, but don’t back up our words with deeds, through critical public policies like paid family leave or high quality affordable child care. Mothers ― especially ...

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  • Movement News / May 3, 2017

    “Give ‘Em Hell” – CPD Launches Campaign Against “Corporate Backers of Hate”

    The Center for Popular Democracy’s latest pressure campaign targets corporations “standing by the President and… positioning themselves to profit from his hateful agenda.” With direct action, social media pressure, and other efforts, they’ll ...

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  • Movement News / April 29, 2017

    News Roundup, April 29

    Smart investments: for a party looking to build in a progressive direction, for lifting the wages of millions of workers, and for reforming money in politics. In contrast to these bold, forward-looking plans: a rundown of 100 ways, in 100 days, ...

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  • Movement News / March 15, 2017

    News Roundup, March 15

    How to fix a broken Electoral College; what the Democratic Party should (and shouldn’t) do next); delving into Trump’s baseless allegations of voter fraud; and sci-fi lessons for movement organizing. How to Make the Electoral College ...

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  • Movement News / December 16, 2016

    News Roundup – Dec. 16

    Inside Philanthropy reports on the progressive donor response to the Trump presidency; Issue One focuses on what it would take to really “drain the swamp”; Economic Policy Institute addresses the consequences of part-time work; and ...

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  • Movement News / December 14, 2016

    ACS Marshals Legal Experts to Lean on Trump

    The American Constitution Society is organizing legal experts to speak out on many of Donald Trump’s unconstitutional campaign promises, extremist cabinet choices, and glaring conflicts of interest. In an open letter published Tuesday, they ...

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  • Movement News / December 14, 2016

    Media Matters’ Next President

    The watchdog group Media Matters for America is entering a “new era,” with plans to bring increasing focus to tracking and exposing sources of “fake news” and far-right conspiracy theories. The shift is accompanied by a changing of the guard, ...

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  • Movement News / December 5, 2016

    News Roundup – Dec. 5

    In the wake of the election, progressive leaders – including the heads of many DA-recommended organizations – answer the question “what next?” Responses cover the electoral college, the looming Medicare fight, refocusing ...

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