Progressive Movement News / December 14, 2016

ACS Marshals Legal Experts to Lean on Trump

The American Constitution Society is organizing legal experts to speak out on many of Donald Trump’s unconstitutional campaign promises, extremist cabinet choices, and glaring conflicts of interest. In an open letter published Tuesday, they didn’t mince words. More than forty of the nation’s top scholars called out Trump’s threats to sue journalists whose work he disapproved of; his first-amendment-violating “Muslim registry” rhetoric; his choices of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General and Steve Bannon as a senior advisor; and other troubling moves. “We are under no illusions that President-Elect Trump… is going to bother to read a letter from law professors,” noted Stanford Law Professor Pamela Karlan, a speaker at the DA’s Spring 2016 conference. Instead, the letter “lays down a marker” – and perhaps provides a preview of what may be the legal battles to come. You can read it here.