New American Majority Fund

The New American Majority Fund (NAM), which launched in 2017, addresses the chronic under investment of non-election-year resources among NAM-led, state-based organizations by providing much-needed resources to help elect progressive champions and to hold these leaders accountable for promises they make on the campaign trail. This fund incorporates the work of the Black Civic Engagement Fund (BCEF) and Latino Engagement Fund (LEF). Grantmaking priority is given to state-based organizations run by leaders from the following communities: Latinx, Black, Native American, LGBTQ, and Asian American Pacific Islander.

It supports the work of grantees in states such as Florida, New Mexico, and Virginia to implement successful voter mobilization campaigns; help elect progressive candidates; and pass progressive policy changes at the state level. NAM makes multi-year investments to help organizations connect their work from election cycle to election cycle and build sustainable revenue streams.