Progressive Movement News / July 14, 2016

In a Week of Turmoil, CPD Brought 1,500 Community Organizers Together.

The People’s Convention in Pittsburgh last week, organized by the Center for Popular Democracy, united activists working toward economic and environmental justice, LGBT rights, fair wages, immigration reform, and racial equality. Beginning just a few days after Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were killed by police, and less than 24 hours after the killing of five Dallas police officers, the urgency of the cause was clear. DA President Gara LaMarche spoke at both the Local Progress annual meeting that overlapped with the CPD event and at a lunch for funders and allies of CPD. “Though we met at a time of great anger and sadness, it was thrilling to be among a thousand community leaders working and strategizing together for justice and dignity,” LaMarche said.

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