Progressive Movement News / September 9, 2016

News Roundup, September 9

David Rolf charts the course for the future of union organizing; DA President Gara LaMarche is cited by The Guardian for his insights on philanthropy; Heather McGhee answers a C-SPAN caller who acknowledges his own prejudices and asks how he can improve; and more.

As McAuliffe Restores Voting Rights One by One, Va. GOP Pushes “Essentially Racist” Proposal
Washington Post

David Rolf: The Labor Movement As We Know It Is Dying. Here’s How It Can Survive.
PBS NewsHour

The Trouble with Philanthropy Is That Money Can’t Buy Equality
The Guardian

CAP’s Neera Tanden on Hillary and Donald

NELP Chair on Ban The Box: Recent Critics of the Policy Are Not Nearly as Convincing as They Think They Are
Huffington Post

Demos’ Heather McGhee on How to Be Less Prejudiced