Defending Democratic Values, Institutions, and Norms

Even as we advocate for and resource policy reforms, we must monitor attacks on voting rights, attacks on legitimate election officials who do the right thing independent of party affiliation, and fiercely champion a working democracy. Progressives now realize we cannot win some elections when the rules of the game are fixed, and the playing field is anything but level. Passing some form of comprehensive democracy reform at the federal level is of paramount importance.

Coupled with the gerrymandering likely to result from the upcoming post-census redistricting, the need for a comprehensive approach to defending democracy and protecting fair rules is also a top priority. In addition, it is critically important to support GOTV efforts, and important to support both organizations and election officials who work on making voting and vote tabulating accurate and secure.

We must not underestimate the right’s agenda and authoritarian movement they have built and must be clear-eyed about the breadth and nature of the rightwing power in America today. 74 million voters supported former President Trump, and the lingering impact of Trumpism is more robust than one would hope, especially after the insurrection on January 6th, and the slate of discriminatory voting laws passed in the states in the wake of conservative’s 2020 and 2021 electoral defeats.

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