Since 2005, the DA has worked to advance progressive values by building community and collaboration within the movement. Our members support a strong infrastructure of progressive organizations, grassroots leaders, engaged voters, and elected officials who work to defend democratic values, institutions, and norms and advance an alternative progressive vision: a fair democracy where everyone can participate, a growing economy that works for all, a planet that is healthy and safe, and a nation that is equitable and just.

At the core of DA’s work is our investment portfolio of national progressive organizations working make our collective vision for the future a reality. These collective investments strengthen an integrated system of local, state, and national organizations that build vital capacity to generate policy, drive progressive messages, organize and empower key constituencies, and train the next generation of leaders.

In 2015, the DA adopted a statement of values that recognizes the imperative of investing in the states and building the power of the New American Majority: people of color, LGBTQ individuals, women, and millennials who are driving progressive social change. Our State POWER Funds, active in a dozen key states, are a key part of this strategy, working to align funding and build a long-term infrastructure that can elect progressive champions and advance progressive policy.

The State POWER Funds look to build progressive power by working to make targeted gains in state and federal elections with an eye on setting progressives up for more favorable redistricting maps post-2020. We hope to build the progressive base by investing in the New American Majority and centering those communities in our strategies and win significant policy gains through strong issue organizing work on climate and economic inclusion. We also seek to build and sustain state infrastructure by engaging new donors and allies, strengthening donor tables, supporting convening and communication hubs, and building field, leadership, and policy capacity.

Over the past year, the DA also turned its attention to track the evolution of “resistance” organizations, many of them new, working on the front lines to defend democratic values, institutions, and norms from the current Administration’s assaults and transform an organic grassroots movement into an electoral force.

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