Working Families

In Brief:

A growing progressive political organization that fights for an economy that works for all and a democracy in which every voice matters. Working in seven states they recruit, train, and elect leaders to local and state office. They run campaigns to raise standards for working families around minimum wage increases, paid sick day laws, creating green jobs, and more. They also organize hundreds of thousands of people every month to hold elected officials accountable.

The Working Families Party is building a multiracial party of working people to transform our country. State by state and community by community, WFP is building a political home for all of us who see bigotry, bailouts, and business as usual in our political system and ask, “Is that the best we can do?”

This is not just an idea — it’s reality. For more than two decades, WFP has been recruiting, training, and electing transformational leaders across the country. The Party then organizes with them to win major victories for working families — like higher wages, a fairer criminal justice system and getting money out of politics.

Together, WFP believes we can make the future and build a country where everyone can thrive. WFP believes that no matter where we come from or what our color, most of us want the same things. WFP knows that people want to earn enough to thrive, not just survive, and leave a better future for our kids. People deserve healthy food and clean water, safe neighborhoods and a safe world. WFP is the political party for liberation. But the richest people on Earth — and the political insiders who serve them — have rigged the rules of our economy and our democracy to grab up wealth and power for themselves.

Schools have been defunded, community services undermined, and working people have been stripped of the right to organize into unions. And then poor people or people of different races or different places are blamed — aiming to divide us and distract us from what we have in common. The Working Families Party is regular people coming together across our differences to make a better future for us all. It is a multiracial party that fights for workers over bosses and people over the powerful. WFP wants an America which realizes the promise – unrealized in our history – of freedom and equality for all.

The Working Families Party is building a party on top of the two-party system in the United States — and it is working. WFP organizes outside the two parties, and then recruits and trains people-powered candidates up and down the ballot to run and win.  Sometimes it runs candidates through Democratic Party primaries, and other times it runs candidates on their own. WFP takes on elections from city council to the U.S. Senate — wherever there’s a path to win, and where winning will advance a people’s agenda, elevate visionary candidates, and help build the multiracial movement we need to win the America we deserve.

Today, hundreds of thousands of people are part of the Working Families Party, in every part of the country. There are many ways for people to be active in the party locally and nationally, including in state chapters and local branches.

The wealthy and the powerful tell us what we are trying to do is impossible. They are counting on us to believe it, so that we don’t even try. But the Working Families Party is doing it. And together, we can do so much more and become a nation rooted in dignity, compassion and justice for all.