Wellstone Action

In Brief:

The progressive movement’s largest center for political and civic engagement training and capacity-building, with more than 70,000 alumni and 350 partner organizations. Its training and technical assistance programs create a critical mass of diverse, progressive leaders and organizations that understand how change happens, have a well-refined strategy for contesting for power, and have both the motivation and technical expertise to win.

Founded to carry forward the work of Paul and Sheila Wellstone, Wellstone Action arms progressives with the strategies and skills to win, develops political leaders, strengthens movement organizations, and ignites change.


Wellstone Action is rooted in Paul and Sheila Wellstone’s legacy of weaving together electoral politics, community organizing, and progressive public policy to create lasting change that improves people’s lives. It’s called the Wellstone Triangle and it anchors everything the organization does.

Wellstone Action believes that politics shouldn’t be about money and power games – it should be about the improvement of people’s lives. That’s the kind of politics Paul Wellstone embodied: one where we all do better when we all do better. And with a radical, resurgent conservative movement on the rise, it’s the kind of politics we need now more than ever.

The organization believes that electoral politics, public policy, and grassroots organizing can be woven together to create progressive change. To set these elements in motion, and sustain change over the long haul, Wellstone Action is committed to developing a critical mass of diverse leaders with the motivation and expertise to win back our values.


The progressive movement is up against conservatives who will stop at nothing to weaken our power, and create an America where everyone’s on their own. So it’s not good enough to be right; we must win. And we must win in the right way, by practicing a politics that improves people’s lives – igniting immediate change through elections and campaigns; engaging with partners to make change in our communities; and building enduring progressive power. Wellstone Action does this in two critical ways: transforming today’s political leadership structures and strengthening movement organizations on the ground.

Wellstone Action trains progressive leaders to spark change and grow power, adds strategic capacity to frontline organizations, and fights for progress the Wellstone Way: one candidate, one campaigner, and one organizer at a time. Wellstone Action is helping the progressive movement win immediate change that builds enduring power.

In the 13 years since its founding, Wellstone has:

  • Trained 75,000 progressive leaders;
  • Propelled 800 alumni into elected office;
  • Guided 3,400 winning campaigns;
  • Engaged 350 partner organizations