Strategic Victory Fund

The Strategic Victory Fund (SVF), is a robust community of investors and partners who are driven to create an inclusive and just society by developing and sustaining the infrastructure needed to build long-term progressive agendas and issue advocacy in states.  SVF’s investments build and educate the public at large and organizing communities, enhancing capacity around communications, digital, research and training. SVF is working to bolster and magnify the efforts of all our partners by ensuring key players in states have access to digital content creation trainings tied to relational organizing best practices, toolkits and skills for combatting digital disruption, and ample field organizing centers of gravity. SVF works closely with the Committee on States and is honored to work alongside the New American Majority Fund and the Climate Equity Action Fund through the Democracy Alliance. Partnerships such as these deepen our insights and grow our collective investment footprint, allowing SVF to identify opportunities and drive investments to where they can have the most impact.