State Engagement Initiative

To take back the country, we must first take back the states. To advance goals on climate, democracy, the economy, and the New American Majority, we must break the grip of conservative dominance in key, targeted states and build and win political power in the states over the next three election cycles.

The State Engagement Initiative (SEI) provides critical national resources to well-planned, integrated and primarily state-funded eff­orts to promote a progressive agenda in legislatures and other statewide offi€ces, to impact redistricting in 2020 and gain control of Congress for the next decade.

The exciting news is that in all of the DA key states, tables of state-based donors — essentially mini-Democracy Alliances — have been formed and are growing. This increases the impact of the SEI. The dollars raised are used to help nurture and leverage more donor capacity in the states and thus dramatically multiply the number of donors across the country involved in the network. We need large numbers of donors in the states, committed to multiple years of giving, supporting coordinated and well-thought out states plans focused on winning progressive victories. It really is the only way we can muster the resources to counter the unlimited spending we see by the conservative movement.

The conservative movement has been focused on grabbing power in the states for decades and, as a result, was much better organized in the 2010 elections, which cemented their power through redistricting and gerrymandering.

It is up to us to counter this onslaught of conservative money and we have a plan and strategy to do that.