New Media Ventures

In Brief:

A progressive angel investor network that supports young innovative media and tech organizations. It seeds start-up organizations with the potential to build progressive power, earn revenue, grow to scale, and reach large audiences. Organizations identified by NMV aim to help fill major gaps in progressive media, messaging, and outreach.

New Media Ventures is the first national network of angel investors supporting media and tech startups that disrupt politics and catalyze progressive change. The New Media Ventures community is comprised of more than sixty technology leaders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and politicos, investing together to drive progressive social change.

The New Media Ventures’ community has invested more than $4 million into startups that use media and technology to drive progressive change. Entrepreneurs the organization works with are revolutionizing the political landscape — expanding the reach of progressive ideas in everything from media distribution and content consumption to online organizing and small dollar fundraising.

The network scours the country looking for hard-to-find, innovative, progressive start-ups, and is highly selective in its screening, ensuring a high quality deal pipeline. New Media Ventures investors are on the lookout for scalable, revenue-generating, tech startups that create long-term political impact beyond any one election cycle.