In Brief:

A joint venture of the Natural Resource Defense Council Action Fund and League of Conservation Voters. Their mission is to build the political power needed to win on climate change by better leveraging the collective influence of top donors in both policy-making and elections. LeadingGreen helps elect climate champions by pooling resources through GiveGreen (a candidate bundling program) and unites top donors in advocacy and accountability efforts around climate policy.

LeadingGreen is the powerful new alliance that unites top influencers in the environmental community to boost their engagement and their leverage on climate priorities. Founded by two of the most formidable groups in Washington, LeadingGreen combines the political savvy of League of Conservation Voters with the policymaking prowess of NRDC Action Fund to unite top donors and influencers at the intersection of policy and politics to maximize their policy engagement and political leverage on climate change.

The organization enhances its impact by cross-pollinating its expertise, by inspiring savvy political contributors to become more aggressive advocates in the policymaking arena, and moving sophisticated policy advocates to add strategic political giving to their advocacy toolbox.

LeadingGreen creates focused, collaborative power brokers in both advocacy and elections – a team that can target exactly the right pressure points to grow the environmental majority across party lines. The result: big changes to the politics of climate change.

Influence is both a promise and a threat. Applied knowledge cuts through unproductive bluster. And smart money stays the course to see that big things get done. This moment in the fight to reverse global climate change demands an alliance fueled by all three.