Inclusive Economy Fund

The Inclusive Economy Fund (IEF) and its sister 501(c)(4) organization, Inclusive Economy Action Fund (IEAF), support grassroots organizations and coalitions that challenge the failed “trickle down” theories and replaces them with an agenda that proves the inclusive theory of economic growth. The IEF provides support for initiatives and campaigns that champion the economic needs of working families, such as a living wage, paid leave, and affordable, high quality child care, while exposing the undue influence of financial and corporate “bad actors” on policies that extract wealth from communities and families.

In 2017-18, the IEF/IEAF is supporting issue campaigns in states such as Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania that are working to build public support for municipal and state earned sick leave campaigns, educate the Puerto Rican diaspora community on the role of hedge funds and private equity in the brutal Puerto Rican austerity agenda, and develop economic narratives and policy agendas that unite urban, suburban and rural communities around “caring” and “common wealth” economic agendas that put human beings ahead of short-term profit.