Inclusive Economy Fund

Forty years of “trickle down” policies have generated wealth and income inequality so extreme that it threatens our nation’s long-term economic health and the democratic process itself. Eroding labor standards, regressive taxation, and reckless financial deregulation are driving down wages and undermining the middle class. Wealth and power are ever more concentrated in the hands of the few, while 90 percent of Americans are falling further and further behind. Women and people of color are disproportionately impacted by these trends.

No free and open society can endure long-term stagnation and continuously rising inequality. Building a more inclusive economy – one that prioritizes political and economic inclusion – requires re-writing the rules at every level. If we are to build a more inclusive America, we must do more than just challenge the failed “trickle down” theory that has dominated the public debate – we must replace it with an agenda that proves the inclusive theory of economic growth.

In a 21st century economy, growth is a product of the virtuous cycle between innovation and demand. The policies that drive growth are the same political, social, and economically inclusive policies that define the broader progressive agenda. This is not simply a matter of fairness, these policies are also pro-growth.

The Inclusive Economy Fund will support a mix of issue campaigns, with particular attention to potential “breakthrough” moments… campaigns that transform the national debate by changing people’s sense of what is possible.