In Brief:

A joint venture of the Natural Resource Defense Council Action Fund, League of Conservation Voters, and NextGen America. Their mission is to build the political power needed to win on climate change by better leveraging the collective influence of top donors in both policy-making and elections. GiveGreen helps elect climate champions by pooling resources through a candidate bundling program and unites top donors in advocacy and accountability efforts around climate policy.

Since 2016, GiveGreen has re-launched under a new brand and redesigned website, and in 2017 and 2018, has already given $9 million to dozens of candidates running in key races at the local, state, and federal level. This focused, collaborative strategy is designed to elect leaders—at all levels—to do whatever it takes to protect our environment. Air and water pollution do not stop at state or county lines, so our efforts and political giving shouldn’t either. GiveGreen provides donors with an opportunity to turn a political contribution into a powerful statement about values and policy.