Committee on States

The mission of Committee on States is to create, nurture, and sustain a community of state-based progressive investors and institutional partners throughout the country. This community is committed to the creation and success of networks that work to advance progressive causes and produce progressive change within individual states.

Specifically, Committee on States works to:

  • Strengthen existing investor alliances
  • Support the development of new state investor alliances
  • Bring investors and political activists together
  • Build connections between committed state leaders across states
  • Help grow investor support of state investor alliances
  • Communicate best practices among alliances

COS provides advisory services to state alliances, encourages state alliances to share information with one another, and convenes representatives of state alliances several times a year to facilitate communication.


COS recognizes that the strengths and weaknesses of existing political capacities differ significantly within each state, and that the roles and responsibilities of coordinated independent expenditure groups and state parties vary from state to state. Critical core capacities including highly effective field operations, message development, communications, fundraising and legally appropriate coordination are quintessentially important to assuring political and policy victories at the state level.