Citizen Engagement Lab

In Brief:

An incubator for people and projects that use technology-fueled approaches to close the gap between the world we live in and the more just and equal world most of us want. Organizations supported or started by CEL have shifted corporate behavior, affected legislation, and grabbed the world’s attention. CEL is particularly interested in innovative strategies that can accelerate the rate of social change and yield transformative results.

CEL was created in 2008 by Ian Inaba, James Rucker, and Daniel Souweine as a home for social entrepreneurs like themselves and a launching pad for new ideas and people powered projects that seek to change the world by leveraging the power of the internet. Since then, CEL has worked with dozens of startups, entrepreneurs, and philanthropic partners to expand the impact and reach of people powered change.

Acceleration Services

CEL’s Acceleration Services program acts as an accelerator for startups that are testing new ideas and technologies to create positive social change. They offer top line infrastructure and strategic support to help leaders develop their ideas into strong organizations capable of producing tangible results. Since 2008, they have helped to build a new generation of groundbreaking changemakers including Color of Change, Presente, Demand Progress, UltraViolet, Faithful America and

Engagement Consulting

CEL provides expert strategic consulting for social entrepreneurs, media and content producers, philanthropic organizations, and other changemakers who want to increase their impact. They work with our partners to plan, staff, resource, and execute innovative social change projects. They specialize in utilizing cutting-edge digital and cultural engagement tools to reach new audiences and build campaign support and participation. Services include strategy and organizational development consulting, fundraising, website and digital asset creation, software platform development, content creation, data analysis and tactical project execution.

Innovation Labs

CEL creates, develops and operates innovative social change initiatives across large issue areas. The group is constantly surveying the social justice landscape looking for gaps, needs and opportunities and exploring how to fill them. They create new campaigns, infrastructure and networks that drive forward political, cultural and systemic change.