In Brief:

America Votes leads progressive voter education and mobilizations efforts, convening field organizations in more than 20 states. AV plays a critical role integrating and coordinating the civic engagement, electoral, and issue advocacy efforts of the progressive movement. It seeks to ensure that resources within the progressive community are combined, coordinated, and applied to effectively engage progressive audiences and advocate for issues.

America Votes was founded on the idea that we can create more change in our country if we work together.

Since 2003, America Votes has been the common link between many of the largest and most influential issue and membership organizations in the country. Their work has brought together a wide range of causes and built a unified coalition that has transformed how the progressive community works. They have engaged communities across the country to take action on critical issues – from fighting for working families, to advancing women’s healthcare, to protecting the environment and more – and mobilized millions of voters to turn out on Election Day.


America Votes works year-round in more than 20 key states, acting as a permanent campaign to continually advance progressive causes. Their campaign professionals on the ground serve unique coalitions and coordinate programs tailored to their state’s priorities, while providing critical plans and first-hand analyses for the broader network.


America Votes and partners share a common mission to protect every American’s right to vote. More than ever, America Votes is working to improve election systems and fight back against efforts to suppress voters. The organization has taken the lead throughout their state network to coordinate and execute advocacy campaigns with allies to reform elections and modernize the voting process.


Change is rarely achieved in a single legislative session or election alone. America Votes is committed to developing long-term roadmaps and setting critical goals for each of our states through 2020. With an eye on redistricting and the consequences of extreme conservative gerrymanders, the group is essential to building progressive power in the states session-by-session and election-by-election.

The Resistance

Since the 2016 Election, America Votes (AV) continued to coordinate progressive voter education and mobilization efforts across its 22-state network. As part of that work, AV worked to ensure that newer state-based resistance organizations are integrated into states’ coordinated efforts and plans. In Pennsylvania, America Votes brought together longstanding progressive partners and newer grassroots organizations around an aligned plan to engage and mobilize voters in the successful PA-18 special election, including an innovative text message plan that reached approximately 100,000 voters. Nationally, AV welcomed Indivisible and Sister District as two new national partners and is in conversations with several others.