2020 State Funds

The Democracy Alliance has adopted a 2020 Vision that recognizes the imperatives of working in the states and organizing people of color, women, millennials and others in the New American Majority, while at the same time prioritizing three key areas: our democracy, economy and climate.

The 2020 State Funds are a set of collaborative funds that will make significant investments in twelve strategic states. Each fund has a strategy that reinforces collective goals and helps forge connections and collaborate across issue areas and among and between constituencies. These funds add to the organizing capacity and strength of existing DA funds – the Black Civic Engagement Fund, Latino Engagement Fund and the Youth Engagement Fund – which have existed to lift up constituencies.

The 2020 State Funds will help change the electoral map by working to make targeted gains in state and federal elections with an eye on setting progressives up for more favorable redistricting maps post-2020; build the progressive base by investing in the New American Majority and centering those communities in our strategies; win significant policy gains through strong issue organizing work on climate, economic inequality, and voting rights; and build and sustain state infrastructure by engaging new donors and allies, strengthening donor tables, supporting convening and communication hubs, and building field, leadership, and policy capacity.