Cietta Kiandoli

Director, Black Civic Engagement Fund

Cietta Kiandoli, a trusted civic engagement strategist for over 15 years, is the newly appointed Director of the Black Civic Engagement Fund responsible for directing all strategy and growth of the Funds. Kiandoli got her start working on Capitol Hill for the Congressional Black Caucus, then continued on to work with labor unions, political campaigns, and state-based community organizations. Her work has ranged from campaign finance reform to building multi-state civic engagement programs. She gained her political experience working on campaigns that ranged from presidential to county executive races, running everything from voter registration programs to large scale GOTV programs. In 2004, she helped run America’s Families United (AFU), the first multi-organizational voter registration program for the 501c3 sector. Over 20 national organizations helped to register over 1 million voters with a focus on communities of color. Most recently, as the National Program Director at State Voices, she helped build the non-partisan civic engagement network from 15 state tables to 20, with reach in all 50 states. She managed State Voices’ multi-state voter registration work in 2012 and oversaw the development of their national voter registration working group in 2013. Kiandoli is a Boston College graduate and is originally from the DC metropolitan area.