In Brief:

The progressive movement’s largest center for political and civic engagement training and capacity-building, with more than 70,000 alumni and 350 partner organizations. Its training and technical assistance programs create a critical mass of diverse, progressive leaders and organizations that understand how change happens, have a well-refined strategy for contesting for power, and have both the motivation and technical expertise to win.


re:power is a team of organizers, strategists, and technologists dedicated to building transformative political power. Their work is tied to the belief that by partnering with individuals, organizations, and coalitions across the country, with the hopes of uncovering leaders within communities to create radical change.


Their vision is to build a future of inclusive politics where decisions about our communities are made by our communities at all level.


Since 2003, they have supported over 100,000 candidates, elected officials, campaign managers, and community organizers from across the country through training, coaching, facilitation, campaigning, and capacity building.

Originally Wellstone Action—as re:power, they have transformed into an expansion of what justice looks like for our people through a framework of inclusive politics. They are offering a different narrative of who is a leader, who participates in politics, and what outcomes we are fighting for.