Defending Democratic Values, Institutions, and Norms

This dynamic “Resistance Map” was first developed by the DA in 2017 to track the organizations working to defend democratic institutions and norms in the age of the Trump Administration.

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A network of state partner organizations filling a critical role in progressive infrastructure.

Rapid Resist

Rapid Resist has recruited over 100,00 new activists via text messaging in red areas, shut down judicial nominees, and flipped votes on health care.

Resist & Win

Resist & Win is a cross-organizational electoral coordinating effort, led by MoveOn, Indivisible, and other progressive organizations.

Run for Something

Run for Something works to respond to a systemic problem within the progressive movement: the failure to create a diverse talent pipeline for elected office.

Sister District

Sister District seeks to build field and fundraising support for state legislative races in swing districts by leveraging “excess capacity” from solidly blue (and often affluent) “sister” districts.

Stand Up America

Stand Up America formed after the 2016 Election to foster grassroots advocacy to preserve our democracy.

Swing Left

Swing Left formed after the 2016 Election and is dedicated to winning back Congress in 2018.

The Action Network

Action Network (AN) provides online mobilization tools for nonprofit partners. Specifically, they help simplify digital tools and serve as an on-ramp for new activists and organizations.

The Fairness Project

The Fairness Project gives voters a way to go on offense and work around our broken political system to deliver results for working families at the ballot box.